..and.©here we are, Spijkermakersstraat 150 2512 ET The Hague, The Netherlands
..and.©let's arrange a phonecall,T31(0)70 7532386 / T31(0)70 3636713 / TM31(0)6 22475389
..and.©please send us mail, eric@andvisitand.com
..and.©we support identity and sports, www.swf-f.org

..and.©is therefore the name for more
to come. It is often said as a question;
and, what do we get?, and when can
we see something? It's also often asked at me in person; and eric what do you think?

Therefore we have chosen the name ..and.©for the office. But the company
is not just an office, but the people are the company.

..and.©the people is the company.
People are the heart of the company
and therefore we use ..and.©as a way
of expression and talking with you and others. ..and.©the invitation is always
to talk part of the proces.

some cases


..and.©office for visual communication / ideas and ad concepts

..and.©office is a communication company, for research and production
in the fields of visual communication, ideas and ad concepts, product
and graphic design, illustration and photography, based in The Hague in
the Netherlands.

..and.©office aims to develop and introduce new roles for communication
and media, within businesses and non-profit-organizations.

..and.©office has chosen the experiences of people in contemporary life
as an important social aspect of information.

This choice has resulted in the discovery of new themes, new methods
of presenting visual communication and design and ads, a new audience, and makes the development of a new vocabulary of images possible.

The research and communication-projects are always about to seek for flexibility and durability of visual communication, product- and graphic design.

..and.©network brings together top creative professionals from around the world to create new partnerships and opportunities, as well as to establish international networks.